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Summer 2020

Cover of UCSF Magazine: Summer 2020. Illustration of health care worker in PPE covering head and face, with only the eyes seen through goggles; a coronavirus symbol is in the middle of the head covering; a labyrinth surrounds the person with coronavirus symbols; text reads “Combating Coronavirus.”

The mission of UCSF Magazine is to advance readers’ understanding of biomedical sciences, human health, and health care. Read our special issue devoted exclusively to UCSF’s sweeping response to COVID-19.

About this Issue:

Vol. 9, No. 1
Editorial Team

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An Epidemic of Inequality

Communities of color have been hit hardest by COVID-19. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in an outcry against police brutality. Both issues have roots in the same problem.

UCSF Nurses gather in Oakland for a Black Health Matters protest; a male Black nurse in a white coat and face mask stands with female nurses, holding a sign that reads “Abolish” in graffiti style; a large mural of George Floyd’s portrait is in the background.

Insights & Voices

  • Tweeting a Pandemic

    How I learned to use social media to advance the public’s understanding of COVID-19.

    Robert Wachter, MD, sitting in his home, working on a tablet, with a computer in his lap, and his dog by his side.
  • How I Survived COVID-19

    Exceptional care was crucial, but I’m painfully aware that privilege also pulled me through.

    Portrait of F.T. Kola.
  • Five Big Lessons from the Pandemic

    When future historians look back on this moment, they will draw many conclusions from our response to this crisis. Here are five big lessons that UCSF experts already see taking shape.

    Illustration depicting a physician or scientist with a telescope with a coronavirus symbol.
  • Seeking Immunity Against COVID-19

    Joel Ernst, MD, addresses key questions about how vaccine development works and why vaccines are especially important in the case of COVID-19.

    Illustration depicting the search for a coronavirus vaccine.