University of California San Francisco

Winter 2024

Cover of UCSF Magazine: top reads “UCSF Magazine, Winter 2024”. Text below reads “The Road to Rejuvenation: Can science slow aging?” Illustration shows strips of a woman's face. From left to right, each strip shows that the woman has visibly aged.

Could UCSF discoveries transform aging? PLUS: How a suite of advanced 3D+ technologies is ushering in surgery’s most sophisticated era yet, what a tiny grassroots program in the Tenderloin is teaching doctors about healing through human connection, and UCSF’s industry archives expose the marketing tactics that fueled the opioid epidemic.

About this Issue:

Vol. 12, No. 2
Editorial Team

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The Road to Rejuvenation

Fortified stem cells. Enhanced memory. A longevity hormone. UCSF researchers are finding out whether we can cancel – or at least delay – old age.

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