University of California San Francisco

Summer 2018

Cover of UCSF Magazine: top left corner reads “UCSF Magazine, Summer 2018”; bottom right reads “Drug Odyssey: The epic journey to better medicines”; illustration on cover: a syringe and needle come from the left; a large dropplet shape comes out of the needle with lines and multi-colored dots within; at the bottom left there is a portion of a beaker; at the top and bottom right, colored amorphous cloud-like shapes drift in from the edges of the page.

Streets of Pain: A public health researcher’s quest to understand the opioid crisis. PLUS: Why some kids find everyday stimuli unbearable; scientists as the next startup stars; and the epic journey to better drugs.

About this Issue:

Vol. 7, No. 1
Editorial Team

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Insights & Voices

  • Poem: Empty Plate

    Teens like Anthony Orosco are using their creative juices to change the conversation about Type 2 diabetes, thanks to a partnership between UCSF and arts nonprofit Youth Speaks.

    Anthony Orosco adjusts his jacket and stands in front of cherry blossom trees.
  • Staying Safe in the Sun

    Sun exposure can boost your mood, but it can also significantly boost your risk of skin cancer. Sarah Arron dispels myths around UV rays and gives you her best advice on skin protection.

    A man and his dog, running at sunset.