University of California San Francisco

Winter 2023

Cover of UCSF Magazine: top reads “UCSF Magazine, Winter 2023”. Text below reads “Could psychedelic therapy go mainstream?”. Illustration of a person laying down with waves of colorful, psychedelic mushrooms flowing around and over them.

Could once-villainized psychedelics become mainstream medicines for a range of mental health disorders? PLUS: On the operating table and inside the lab of an awake brain surgery specialist, unlocking our microbiome’s secrets to treat disease, and one team’s quest to change how hospitals care for kids in pain.

About this Issue:

Vol. 11, No. 2
Editorial Team

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Insights & Voices

  • This Must Be the Place

    Sociologist Stacy Torres, PhD, studied a group of older adults that hung out at a Manhattan bakery. She reflects on what they taught her about survival and belonging.

    Illustrated portrait of Stacy Torres
  • Mission: A Tobacco-Free World

    With vaping taking over the youth market, Pamela Ling, MD ’96, MPH, applies her research-driven social media and marketing expertise to beat the tobacco industry at its own game.

    Portrait of Pamela Ling
  • Five Questions for Diane Havlir

    Diane Havlir, MD, UCSF’s Weiss Professor, an AIDS pioneer, and an infectious disease leader, is partnering with the local Latinx community to protect vulnerable San Franciscans from COVID-19 and other diseases.

    Portrait of Diane Havlir
  • The Case of the Suspicious Swelling

    A grandmother showed telltale signs of a common endocrine disorder. But a puzzling lab result put the detective skills of physicians Joan Addington-White, MD, and Rob Weber, MD ’19, PhD ’17, to the test.

    Illustration of a female doctor inspecting a bottle of pills labeled "Suplemento de Artritis" with an older female patient in a wheelchair looking worried.