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Fall 2014

Cover of UCSF Magazine: left corner reads “UCSF Magazine, Fall 2014”. Photo of a man riding a motorbike on a busy street. Text next to photo reads: “Surgeons Hit the Road: Saving limbs and lives around the world”. Text below photo reads: “Rejuvenating the Brain; A San Francisco Scourge; Modern Nursing”

Travel with UCSF surgeons to nations where traffic injuries kill more people than many diseases; learn about surprising tools for rejuvenating the brain; visit the world of modern nursing; read about UCSF’s 150-year battle with a wily scourge; and meet UCSF’s new chancellor, a man at home at the helm.

About this Issue:

Vol. 3, No. 2
Editorial Team

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My Lab: Dissected

Two major factors determine whether you get cancer – your genes and what you have been exposed to in the environment, says Allan Balmain, PhD, co-leader of UCSF’s Cancer Genetics Program.

Allan Balmain talks to a research assistant in his lab.

Insights & Voices

  • Deeply Rooted: UCSF’s New Chancellor

    UCSF Magazine sat down with newly appointed Chancellor Sam Hawgood to learn about how he found the magic at UCSF more than 30 years ago, starting with one fateful meeting.

    Sam Hawgood sitting at home with a cup of tea.
  • Medicine Meets Marijuana

    An inveterate internest discusses how to navigate the great unknowns involved in using marijuana as a medicine.

    3 marijuana leaves.