University of California San Francisco

Summer 2022

Cover of UCSF Magazine: top reads “UCSF Magazine, Summer 2022”. Text below reads “A Touch of Nobel-ity: The prize-winning science illuminating heat, touch, pain, itch, and much, much more”. Illustration of a hand with various stimuli on it, including a fire, ice, mosquito, a feather, a snake, chile peppers, itch, pain, and a kiss.

How David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian transformed our understanding of how we sense the world. PLUS: UCSF abortion experts prepare for a post-Roe America, how to overcome injuries and stay active for life, a dermatologist’s quest to ensure better care for people of color, why the nation is facing a nursing shortage, and much more.

About this Issue:

Vol. 11, No. 1
Editorial Team

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Insights & Voices

  • Nurses Needed Now

    A nursing shortage is hammering hospitals everywhere. Nursing leader Gina Intinarelli-Shuler, PhD ’13, RN, shares how UCSF is handling the challenge.

    Portrait of Gina Intinarelli-Shuler
  • The Case of the Curious Clots

    A less meticulous physician might have mistaken the man’s complaints for run-of-the-mill vascular disease. Not UCSF resident Ori Lieberman.

    Illustration of a doctor looking over a patient in a hospital bed; a scan on a computer screen shows blood clots in the legs.