Capturing a Pandemic Moment

By Barbara Ries UCSF Magazine

doctor talks with man in a hotel doorway

Photo: Barbara Ries

In April 2020, I was assigned to document the 40 UCSF physician and nurse volunteers who traveled to the Navajo Nation when it suffered one of the country’s highest infection rates of COVID-19. I followed the teams door to door as they provided care to Navajo residents sheltering at hotels. When Archna Eniasivam, a physician and assistant professor, visited Ronald Hood, he’d been struggling. He seemed grateful for her attentiveness and care and for the medicines and meals he received. Most of the residents, alone and separated from loved ones, had formed a bond with their caregivers over the weeks. Because of that trust, Ronald graciously allowed me to document his visit with Dr. Eniasivam. I felt privileged to have been allowed to capture the intimate moments between them.

Bay Area photographer Barbara Ries’s series of images from the Navajo Nation won a prestigious Grand Gold Award in the Council for Advancement and Support of Education’s regional awards competition. The Navajo Nation project was coordinated through UCSF’s HEAL (Health, Equity, Action, and Leadership) Initiative.

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